I’ve been daydreaming in the dark about longer daylight hours, so I drew some pictures to cheer myself up.

Here’s one of day length (sunrise to sunset) for the next 2 months (here in Amherst, MA, that is):

Ahh, things are ramping up. And more quicly every day.

Now here’s a picture of the sunrise and sunset times:

Yes, daylight savings is less than 2 months away!

I also drew some pictures with a wider field of view. Here’s day lengths for the next year:

Even though it’s almost a month since the solstice the days are very near the minimum length. But not for long.

And the sunrise / sunsets for the next year:

I always love a beautiful sunrise / sunset. How often do you get to see both in the same picture?

Here’s a link to the source code for these plots