I’m currently watching Socrata’s introductory webinar. Thinking about how far the open data movement has to go to in the context of water science.

I found myself at the website after browsing the links from a TED talk on NYC open data insights. I had only vaguely been aware of Socrata in the past, but it looks to be catching on:

I won’t pretend to know more than I do about Socrata, but I think this graphic pretty well sums up their mission:

Socrata Data maturity levels

Socrata Data maturity levels

Alas, I am all too familiar with the levels 1 and 2 in my encounters with government databases. But looking at this I realize that while I see the potential for improvement, I don’t have the data chops to get much past level 3. Here is where I admit humility and laud the efforts of real experts (and dream of one day joining them).

So that’s Socrata, another thing I’ll be keeping tabs on.