Migrating to Blogdown-Hugo

Intro After 3 or so years with Octopress, I’m moving my blog/website over to Hugo with the help of the new Blogdown R package. It had gotten to be a little absurd how much work I had to do to twist rendered RMarkdown documents into Octopress posts. Thankfully, Yihui Xie was already on the job of making my ridiculous blogging workflow obsolete. Less than 48 hours after learning of Blogdown’s existence I’m well on my way to having my blog fully migrated and the words in my .

Adding Content

Real briefly: I’m finally comfortable enough with the inner workings of Octopress to start putting some content on this blog. A lot of my first moves are going to be notes from various courses and tutorials that I’ve written in markdown (rather RMarkdown), mainly so that I can keep track of them in a place that’s not my messy hard drive. These are just notes, so they are not in the least well-written or even sensible, necessarily.